Curriculum vitae

 Personal data
DDr. LJUBIČIĆ Anita, general medicine (Jus practicandi for Austria) and specialist for occupational medicine and applied physiology, including a PhD in occupational medicine – Pulmonology/ecology

 Nationality: Croatian

Year of birth: 1970

Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia

 registered in the ÖAK list of doctors as general practitioner and specialist for occupational medicine and applied physiology – ÖAK Nr. 69929-19

Work experience:

–         Representations in the private practice area of general medicine, stationary Rehabilitation/rehabilitation center/ wide range of services in the field of Sports medicine/cardiology/pulmonology

–         Ward physician, Private Hospital Vienna, Department of Orthopedics from 01.10.2016-30.03.2017

–         01.10.2015 -30.09.2016 Ward physician Internal Medicine II, Institute for Occupational Medicine, MedUni Vienna Responsible for the outpatient clinic for occupational diseases and the cardiorespiratory function laboratory (spiroergometry, ergometry, pletismography, 24-hour ECG recording, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, specific and non-specific bronchial provocation)

–         From 2007 – 2015 Assistant, researcher and research assistant for Occupational and sports medicine based in the department for environmental and occupational safety, Institute for scientific research and occupational medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

Most important activities and responsibilities: Occupational diseases of the respiratory tract, pathophysiology, epidemiological research, occupational and sports medicine, telephone information for poisoning cases.

–         From 2004 to 2007 senior consultant in the Ministry of Health Croatia, Zagreb

–         From 2006 to 2007 coordination of the project MATRA „Strengthening the Croatian Institute for Occupational Medicine“ on behalf of the Ministry of Health, financed by the Dutch government – IT- International business and Cooperation agency in the preparation of MATRA project

–         From 1997 to 2004 doctor in primary health care (Ministry of Defense – Stationary care of the Croatian Armed Forces)




–         2011-2015- Specialist training in the field of occupational and sports medicine – Institute for scientific research and occupational medicine, Zagreb, Croatia; specialist examination on 8 January 2016


–         2011 – PhD thesis in the field of occupational medicine and lung diseases; 2012 PhD

–         1997-1998 – PDS ultrasound in gastroenterology and hepatology

–         1995-1997 – Doctor on rotation – General medicine

–         1994 – Doctor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb Collaborator in the Croatian national project financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport – Croatia

01.01.2007- 31.12.2013. „Allergo-toxic effects on the general and occupational environment“ (Grant number. 022-0222411-2410), Employee


–         Description of the research project: Allergo-toxicological studies to investigate pollutants in the working environment and the resulting development of allergic reactions in humans, with special focus on the respiratory tract. Climatic changes, the development of technology and modern lifestyle have led to the development of new occupational allergens and other pollutants. The impact of the various occupational risks and the use of new non-invasive methods in the assessment of the exposure effect on the lower respiratory tract is being studied.

List of all publications (CROSBI):

–         A total of 21 scientific and specialist publications

–         Track record of publications in respectable (CC) scientific journals:


Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Varnai VM, Petrinec B, Macan J. Response to thermal and physical strain during flashover training in Croatian firefighters. Appl Ergon 2013 (accepted for publication). (IF: 1.728 (2012.); Q1 (2012.) Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Varnai VM, Čavlović AO, Beljo-Lučić R, Šegvić Klarić M, Prester Lj, Macan J.

Respiratory health and breath condensate acidity in sawmill workers. Int Arch Occ Environ Health 2013; 86(7): 815-25. (IF: 2.097 (2013.); Q2 (2012.) Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Mladinić M, Varnai VM, Petrinec B, Macan J, Kopjar N, Lucić Vrdoljak A, Želježić D. Biomarkers of mild hyperthermia related to flashover training in firefighters. J Therm Biol 2012; 37(8): 548-55.(IF: 1.376; Q2)

Šegvić Klarić M, Varnai VM, Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Macan J. Occupational exposure to airborne fungi in two Croatian sawmills and atopy in exposed workers. Ann Agric Environ Med 2012; 19(2): 213-9. (IF: 3.060; Q1) Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Varnai VM, Macan J. Acute effects of smoking and food consumption on breath condensate pH in healthy adults. Exp Lung Res 2011; 37(2):92-100. (IF: 1.220; Q4)

Varnai VM, Macan J, Ljubičić Ćalusić A, Prester Lj, Kanceljak-Macan B. Upper respiratory impairment in restorers of cultural heritage. Occup Med (Lond) 2011; 61(1):45-52. (IF: 1.136; Q3) Varnai VM, Ljubičić Ćalušić A, Prester Lj, Macan J. Exhaled breath condensate pH in adult Croatian population without respiratory disorders: how healthy a population should be to provide normative data? Arh Hig Rada Toksiko 2009; 60(1):87-97. (IF: 0.826 (2010.); Q4 (2010.)